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Planning for Pregnancy

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Family Planning

Your journey to parenthood begins long before conception. Preparing for pregnancy involves optimising your health, focusing on your diet, exercise, and overall wellbeing. What you do before pregnancy can significantly impact your health, your baby’s health, and even future generations.

A balanced diet and a healthy exercise routine are pivotal throughout your pregnancy journey. Our dedicated team at Bloom Women’s Health is here to assist you in optimising your health before conception to ensure the best possible pregnancy outcome.

It’s best to start at least three months before pregnancy, optimising all aspects of your health.

Before Falling Pregnant - Essential Steps

Tips for Preconception Health

Commence a folic acid supplement 500mcg daily
(I Folic)

Stop drinking alcohol and stop smoking

Check your cervical screening is
up to date

Have a medical check-up including a review of any medications or tablets you are taking

Check if you need a rubella vaccination

Have a blood test to check your thyroid, iron and vitamin D levels and general health

Why Your Weight Matters During Pregnancy

Attaining a healthy weight before pregnancy can significantly enhance fertility. Studies have revealed that a modest weight loss of 5% can restore menstrual cycles and improve fertility, particularly for individuals dealing with conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy is vital, influencing not only your baby’s health but also reducing the risk of gestational diabetes. Our team, including our Dietician and Physiotherapists can help you with an individualised meal and plan and exercise program to help achieve the best results in your pregnancy.

Pre-Pregnancy Genetic Screening

Understanding your genetic makeup before pregnancy is essential. Our Obstetrician will assess your family medical history to identify if expanded genetic screening is necessary for you and your partner. Identifying any common genetic abnormalities beforehand can offer valuable insights for planning a healthy pregnancy.

You can learn more about genetic testing here.

Debriefing Past Pregnancy and Birth Experiences

Not all pregnancies and deliveries unfold according to plan. Emotional, psychological, and physical issues may arise from past pregnancy or delivery experiences. Our pre-pregnancy visits offer an opportunity to discuss and address any concerns before embarking on another pregnancy.

For support following a challenging pregnancy or delivery, our team, along with your Obstetrician or GP, is here to assist you. Additionally, consider exploring the free resources available through the Australasian Birth Trauma Association.

Your journey to parenthood begins with thorough planning and preparation. Contact us to discuss your personalised preconception plan and prepare for a healthy and fulfilling pregnancy.

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