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Postnatal Follow Up & Care

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Postnatal Care at Bloom Women's Health

At Bloom Women’s Health, we understand that the postnatal phase is a significant period for mothers, marked by both physical recovery and the beginning of a transformative journey into motherhood. Our dedicated team, led by Dr Glenda McLaren, is committed to ensuring your postnatal experience is supportive, nurturing, and tailored to promote your well-being along this incredible journey.

Postnatal Follow-up & Care

Your postnatal health is of utmost importance, which is why we offer comprehensive follow-up care tailored to your needs. Approximately six weeks after birth, you’ll have a routine appointment with your Bloom OB. During this visit, your OB will assess your recovery progress, conduct a Pap Smear, and provide a supportive environment for discussing any concerns you may have.

Additionally, our team of Midwives and Lactation Consultants, along with Physiotherapists, a Dietician and a Psychologist, are available to assist you in your recovery journey, offering guidance not only for your mental and physical well-being but also to support your newborn’s care.

Women’s Wellness After Pregnancy

Did you know that certain conditions experienced during pregnancy may impact your long-term health? Women who have experienced high blood pressure or Gestational Diabetes during pregnancy are more susceptible to conditions like hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes later in life.

Dr McLaren and her team are dedicated to supporting your health beyond childbirth. For those who have had Gestational Diabetes, continued care is important. Our professionals provide ongoing support, focusing on optimising your health, aiding in maintaining a balanced diet, and facilitating suitable exercises as you embrace life with your growing family.

Learn more about life after gestational diabetes in this booklet from the National Diabetes Services Scheme.

Your Wellbeing Matters

At Bloom Women’s Health, your postnatal journey is our priority. We strive to offer holistic care that encompasses physical recovery, emotional wellbeing, and long-term health strategies, ensuring you navigate the postpartum period with confidence and support.

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