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24 Hour On-Call Obstetrics Cover: Unwavering Support Throughout Your Pregnancy

At Bloom Women’s Health, your peace of mind during pregnancy is our priority. Childbirth can be a beautiful experience, but it can also be unpredictable. That’s why we partner with a trusted network of highly skilled, independent obstetricians to provide you with 24/7 on-call obstetric cover – the River City Obstetric Group. This ensures a qualified and experienced obstetrician is always available to address your needs, no matter the day or time.

River City Obstetrics Group

Ensuring Your Well-Being Around the Clock

We understand the importance of having access to expert care whenever it’s needed. – and particularly in emergencies. Our partnership with other similarly-minded on-call obstetricians means that you will always be able to access trusted, experience care. This collaborative approach offers several benefits:

  • Unwavering Availability: In the event of an emergency, one of the qualified and experienced obstetricians from our network will be readily available to provide the necessary care.
  • Well-Rested Expertise: Through our on-call roster, we ensure that around the clock care can be provided while also ensuring that obstetricians have adequate sleep and recovery for best practice.
  • Central to Providing Best Quality Care: Our obstetricians regularly attend conferences, advanced professional education and other events in order to maintain and advance their skills. While on leave for professional development (and also while on personal leave), 24-hour on-call care is always maintained for our patients.

Seamless Care Transitions and Clear Communication

While your primary obstetrician will oversee your pregnancy journey, rest assured that clear communication is a cornerstone of our approach. While our experience is that the primary obstetrician attends the vast majority of births, you may encounter an on-call obstetrician during emergencies or unplanned delivery. Your primary Obstetrician will be kept informed, ensuring a seamless transition of care and a consistent focus on your well-being.

Your Safety and Comfort are Our Top Priorities

At Bloom Women’s Health, we are committed to partnering with exceptional on-call obstetricians to provide you with comprehensive care throughout your pregnancy. Our 24/7 on-call cover, combined with a focus on clear communication, ensures you have access to the expertise and support you need, whenever you need it.

Learn more about the River City Obstetric Group here.

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