Dr Glenda McLaren
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

At Active Rehab, we believe in and care about people.  We are renowned for excellence and for providing a unique experience of patient care across a complete and connected patient journey.

Our Women’s Health team offer a specialised service for women during and after pregnancy.  We are known for our treatment of bladder, bowel and gender-specific conditions in women across the lifespan. We provide outpatient physiotherapy for Dr McLaren’s patients from our practices at South Brisbane and Annerley, and through online video consultations. 

Our qualified physiotherapists have undertaken advanced pelvic health training and can provide full services in the areas of pregnancy and antenatal care; pelvic floor dysfunction, bladder and bowel conditions; pelvic pain; and recovery following gynaecological, breast and plastic surgery.

We therefore have an in-depth appreciation of women’s health experiences and are uniquely positioned to support you throughout pregnancy and across your lifespan. Our physiotherapists work not only with women’s health in the community setting, but also work with women during hospital admissions for surgery and other treatments. Our Active Rehab team also have expertise in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, recovery from surgery and cancer care.

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We are able to provide physiotherapy services for:

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