Dr Glenda McLaren
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Work & Pregnancy

Most women stop working at around 34 weeks. If you are feeling well, and your pregnancy is progressing normally, you may wish to work a few weeks longer to maximise your maternity leave. We will be happy to write a letter for your employer at this time if it is safe for you to continue working.

Estimate Date Of Confinement (EDC) Letter

Most employers need a letter confirming your due date to apply for maternity leave. We are happy to provide this for you and usually do so early in your second trimester once we are certain all is progressing normally.

Carers Leave

We are happy to provide a letter for partners, grandparents and carers who need time off work to assist you to recover from the birth in those all-important first few weeks at home. Please feel free to ask our friendly staff at your appointment if you need a carer’s leave letter.

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