Dr Glenda McLaren
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Pregnancy Immunisations

Flu Vaccine

Seasonal flu can be more severe in pregnancy, so it is recommended that all pregnant women have the flu vaccine to protect them and their unborn baby. The flu vaccine is free for all pregnant women. Please see your GP for your flu vaccination

Whooping Cough

Young babies in the first six months of life are particularly susceptible to whooping cough which can be have very serious consequences. It is recommended that all family members and partners check that they are up to date with their whooping cough vaccinations and pregnant women have the vaccination after 20 weeks.

Read more about Whooping Cough vaccination from the Australian Department of Health.

Rhesus Disease and Anti-D

Your blood group will be checked with your antenatal blood tests and if you have a Rhesus negative blood group it is recommended that Anti D be given and 28 weeks and 34 weeks to prevent Rhesus disease.

Read more about Anti D.